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Our Public Insurance Adjusters work for you –

NOT the insurance company!

If you have a property damage claim such as a fire, pipe break, hurricane, water, mold or any other covered loss and want the best insurance settlement, possible you need to contact a Gavnat public adjuster now.


Dealing with a disaster is difficult enough, but preparing a claim and navigating through the claims process is even more daunting. At Gavnat and Associates, we know the claims process. We are specialists in documenting claims, determining the true value of your loss, presenting claims for payment, negotiating, and resolving claims. As public insurance adjusters, we have handled property and business interruption losses ranging from homeowner to commercial devastation and everything in between!

We are an authority on property loss adjustment, assessing, documenting and negotiating property claim damages. We have extensive experience in this field. We assess the true amount of damages, handle the adjustment process, deal with the insurance company, and if needed – manage the appraisal process!
Remember, the insurance company has it’s own adjuster that works for them and represents their own interests; you too should have your own adjuster, a “Public Adjuster” that works for you and that is looking after your interests!

Gavnat and Associate’s works exclusively on behalf of policyholders who have sustained an insured loss.
We professionally manage every detail of your claim, working closely with the policyholder
to provide the most equitable and prompt settlement possible.

To help get the maximum on your insurance claim

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