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We have a team of Public Adjusters specializing in large commercial losses

At Gavnat and Associates, Inc., our adjusters have extensive experience dealing with large commercial losses. If you have just suffered a fire loss, time is of the essence. Our Public Adjusters are more effective process the earlier we are involved with the loss. Our professional experience will give you the peace of mind knowing that the most capable public adjusters are on the job. Call now! 763-251-8992 or toll-free 855-212-4525 or email us at

Damage to a commercial property can result in severe income losses. A commercial property damaged by fire, water, natural calamities, vandalism and even mechanical or electrical breakdown adversely impacts business and the people associated with it. Properties that are insured have the right to make a claim and be duly compensated for the damages. Also, filing for insurance claims needs to be done without delay – businesses obviously cannot afford loss of earnings for long.

Filing for insurance claims can be a very complex and daunting task, especially in times when commercial property owners are already disturbed by the losses to their properties. Gavnat and Associates act as public adjuster, loss consultant and insurance advisor to such property owners and we work to make the process of filing claims simple and stress free. Our team of experienced professionals offers full fledged support in loss analysis, exacting paper work and procuring the amount due against damages caused to a commercial property. We offer an in-depth understanding of clauses as well as the terms and conditions of insurance policies.

We not only help in filing for fresh claims but also assist you if your insurance claims are denied, delayed, or grossly underpaid.

To help get the maximum on your insurance claim

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