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Gavnat and Associates are well known for obtaining maximum claims recovery for Condo Associations of all sizes. As Certified Licensed Public Adjusters we can serve the needs of any Property Management Company or Condominium Association anywhere in the United States. While results vary from claim to claim, We fight to recover the maximum amount, which can be more than 2000+% more than the insurance company’s initial offer.

These additional funds, give the Association Boards the financial power for reconstruction and property repairs to the satisfaction of the unit owners.


We Offer Tailored Claims Solutions for Condominiums

Adjusting commercial condominium claims requires special experience, a lot of hard work and dedication. With so many individuals and entities involved, Condominium Association claims can be incredibly complicated and time consuming. Every claim is different and requires a mindset unlike typical residential or commercial losses. Condo Association claims require carefully tailored solutions unique to each property. After a covered loss, the problem could be all about governing documents, ownership interests, and insurance coverage analysis. Or it could be a combination of roof leaks, damaged roof tiles, destruction of the clubhouse, pool area, signage, and much more.

Meeting the expectations and requirements of many different personalities and different mind sets is a challenge Gavnat and Associates takes very seriously. Our focus is always to be the team leader and represent the Association through a knowledgeable single voice to your insurance company. We operate towards the goal of gaining the most beneficial compensation for your Association and getting your facilities healthy again.

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