Public Insurance Adjuster Services in North Dakota

From frozen and burst pipes during what can be extremely brutal North Dakota winters to Red River flood damage, the claims adjusters at Gavnat and Associates can help you get the compensation you’re entitled to so you can get back to business. No matter where you are in the claims process, our professionals can appropriately assess your damages, file documents, negotiate settlements, and even offer expert testimony to ensure that you receive the payment you deserve.

The insurance companies often have interests other than getting you the best possible settlement, which is where we come in. Our public insurance adjusters in North Dakota, Iowa, and throughout the Midwest have only one mission: To recover the compensation you are entitled to for your damages. With comprehensive training and the same licenses as insurance company adjusters, the team at Gavnat and Associates can ensure that your claims are airtight and will use our skills to get you the settlement you’re entitled to.

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Insurance Adjusting

Don’t let the insurance companies decide what’s best for you. Get the compensation you’re entitled to with Gavnat and Associates.

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Expert Testimony

Our public insurance adjusters can also serve as expert witnesses for those who need an industry authority to advise their legal counsel or to testify if your dispute has escalated into the courtroom.

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Insurance Appraisal

If you’re currently in the middle of a claim dispute, the professionals at Gavnat and Associates can assist you with the appraisal and mediation process.

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