Few Points To Consider While Finding & Hiring a Public Insurance Adjuster

Few Points To Consider While Finding & Hiring a Public Insurance Adjuster

A public insurance adjuster computes the loss accrued to an individual and helps him or her file an insurance claim in exchange for a percentage of the compensation involved.

A public insurance adjuster (or simply a public adjuster) is one who settles claims on behalf of the claimant, getting him or her the most compensation possible. The adjuster is a claims handler/claims adjuster who advocates in favor of the claimant. The adjuster processes and submits claims, attempting to get the best possible deal in favor of the claimant. A public adjuster works for you, not the insurance company.

Before hiring a public insurance adjuster, you should scrutinize the candidates.

Make sure he or she is licensed:

First and foremost, you can find out if he or she is a practicing public adjuster with a license– they must be licensed to practice in every state. They must also be bonded and participate in continuing education courses to maintain their license. Some adjusters work under the licence of another company rather than becoming licenced public adjusters on their own.

Ideally the public adjuster you employ should be experienced, local, and/or affiliated with a reputable company, with a clean record.

Once you hire a public adjuster, he or she should work with you for the entire process, from filing the claim to the moment you receive financial compensation from the insurer.

How many claims has he/she been servicing in this area?

If the public adjuster is dealing with too many claims at once, then he or she probably won’t give your case the attention it needs. Therefore, avoid using the services of adjusters who seem too “busy” or “overworked.”

Research your public adjuster:

Does your public adjuster deal with your insurance company on a regular basis? Your public adjuster’s reputation with the insurance company can have a measurable effect on your claim. Make some calls and speak to some references. You can find out about their reputation and experiences from friends, family and/or acquaintances.

If you are hiring a public adjuster because you suffered a property loss at home or your business, be rest assured that in good time and with a little research, you will get a public adjuster who will essentially see your side of the story. After handling the interaction between you and the insurer, he or she will help you get the maximum earnings from the claim settlement.

The public adjuster’s fee is a percentage of the settlement. He or she would typically work harder toward getting a maximum payout from the insurance company so he or she would make more money.


Undoubtedly, damages to home bring grief. It especially hurts when you do not get your claim on time. If/when an insurance company backs out on its promises, you feel even worse. At these times, you need someone in your corner, fighting for you– that’s the role of a public insurance adjuster!