Insurance Claim Help: Fire & Smoke Claim Public Adjusters

Insurance Claim Help Fire & Smoke Claim Public Adjusters

Fire devastation is the worst type of man-made disaster and is an issue that needs careful consideration. Quick decisions prevail in such situations and need to be tackled carefully before spelling out the claim. The claim adjusters, in their hurry to get the work done, sometimes make gross errors that can have a lasting impact on the final claim settlement.

But you need not fear… as Gavnat leads from the front and brings respectability to the insurance claim process, fair and honest in all respects.

When a fire strikes your property it can be devastating. You are emotionally shattered and left picking up the pieces. Plus, it’s likely that you’ve got to help family cope with such a traumatic event; It’s such a stressful time. When fire damage happens, a public adjuster can be a helpful life-giver.

Fire damages are caused by smoke, soot, heat, water and the fire itself. Before you hand over the claim to the insurance company for processing, you must comprehend the scope of loss and damage and details of the claim. As a principle, one should not make an attempt to repair the items that are completely damaged  by fire thus minimizing the claim money. It would be smart to completely write off the items that are ruined and save the claim money to replace items rather than repair them.

Your insurance firm may not honor the insurance claim for damages caused by smoke unless explicitly stated in the policy.

You need to document damage with valid facts and figures and submit lists and receipts within the stipulated time frame to get your claim properly processed.

After fire damage occurs, a public adjuster takes care of the monumental task of sorting paperwork and documentation, helping you deal with your insurance company. An adjuster will arrange for an inspection of your damaged property and will question your insurance company if the company refuses to pay. If the fire was small and you feel you can handle proceedings, then you probably don’t need an adjuster’s services. However, if the fire was big, you should consider utilizing the services of a public adjuster.

Gavnat’s fire claims adjusters can assist you with fire damage claims.