Tips on Handling Storm Damage Insurance Claims

Tips on Handling Storm Damage Insurance Claims


Handling storm damage insurance claims can be time-consuming, with a lot of hours spent on handling the little details of the claim. A bunch of meetings between Insurance Adjusters and Roofing Contractors and later with Mortgage Specialists will bring some relief to the owner who is dealing with the results of storm damage.

Take time off for Damage Control:

Immediately after a storm, you should call a public insurance adjuster to inspect your policy and property. It may be looking okay from the outside but has tell-tale signs of destruction inside which only a trained roofing specialist can find. Some insurance policies have a stipulated time for the roof inspection to occur after the roof has been battered by the storm, Having a copy of the insurance policy handy will let you public adjuster and you know immediately what is covered and what isn’t. It may be some time before the storm ravaged roof can be inspected, but the sooner the better. 

Pictures of Property:

A public adjuster brings a wealth of experience when it comes to where to look  for damage to a property and later documenting it. They will submit pictures related to the storm including the roof, siding and windows and keep these pictures as documented evidence to substantiate a written claim.

It is good practice to take pictures of the roof every couple months, especially when it’s maintained and “normal.” This way, periodic pictures will show the difference between your roof now and the way it was before the storm hit. The pictures will also show the state of your shingles. Having pictures of the roof before and after the storm will show evidence of damage that can help your claim. 

Choose a roofing contractor:

A roofing contractor with insurance expertise is recommended to complete all your roof repairs or replacement if needed. Ensure the roofing contractor is licensed and comes with references. Ideally, you’ll want to discuss what needs to be done so the contractor’s work will meet your needs.

Go with someone you can trust:

Any replacement that needs to be covered by the insurance company requires timely submission of key forms, as well as, correct estimates drawn up. The contractor and the public adjuster can make a solid team to ensure that any replacement that should occur is done accurately, fairly, and quickly.