What We Do

At Gavnat and Associates we work for YOU, –

not the insurance companies.

We help policyholders to receive the maximum Insurance Settlements

Insurance companies employee insurance adjusters to protect their interests and their shareholders profits. To make this a level playing field for policyholders the Insurance companies reimbursement those who hire their own insurance as claims adjuster, known as a Public Adjuster, to protect their interests as well. All Gavnat Public Adjusters are licensed in the same way as insurance company adjusters are licensed, and we even attend the same continuing education courses. In fact, many of the adjusters we assign used to work as insurance company adjusters, and are well versed in all the ins and outs of insurance claims.

Even the most savvy policyholder would not be able to maximize their claim recovery efficiently as adjusters can. We take the insurance claim woes off your shoulders, we will estimate and calculate what we believes you are entitled to recover, and negotiate a maximum settlement on your behalf. We routinely secure settlements higher than a typical policyholder would be able to recover on his/her own.
The Benefit of Public Insurance Adjusters During a Disaster
Dealing with a disaster is difficult enough, but then having to prepare a claim and weave through the claims process is equally daunting. At Gavnat and Associates, we know the claims process inside and out. We are specialists in documenting claims, determining the true value of losses, presenting claims for payment and resolving claims. As public insurance adjusters, we have handled property and business interruption losses ranging from homeowner to commercial devastation and everything in between!
We assess the true amount of damages, handle the adjustment process, deal with the insurance company, and if needed – manage the appraisal process.

To help get the maximum on your insurance claim

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