Gavnat licensed public adjusters make the insurance claims process more efficient, equitable and streamlined for your valued customers. With our team of experts on the job, we also help you stay focused on the construction project so you can keep it on track and win high satisfaction along the way.

We work with your customer as a trusted advocate to navigate the process and get to a settlement more quickly than they would on their own. Whether they already submitted a claim, were previously denied, or have yet to file, we can help.

Gavnat understands the intricacies of how insurance companies and the claims process work. We take the most confusing and convoluted property insurance policy clauses and spell them out so that your customer fully understands their rights and responsibilities. Our deep knowledge of the claims filing process also helps avoid payment delays. We help your customers get the timely settlement they’re entitled to.

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Help Your Customers Get Back to Normal Quickly

When policyholders experience property damage, it’s stressful enough without having to manage a complicated claim. At Gavnat, it’s our job to evaluate their policy down to the nitty-gritty details. We negotiate with their insurance company on their behalf and get to a settlement more quickly.

Insurance Adjusting

Ideally, we work on a policyholder claim from start to finish, but we know that’s not always how it goes. It’s never too late to contact us, even if your customer already received a settlement. Don’t let the insurance company decide what’s best for them.

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Expert Testimony

If your customer’s claim goes to court, we can advise their legal counsel or testify as an expert witness. Our team can provide the clarity they need to effectively state their case and recover an appropriate settlement.

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Insurance Appraisals

Gavnat helps policyholders come to an agreement with their insurance company when there’s a claims dispute. We assist your customer through an appraisal or mediation process and help them understand their options while working on their behalf to get a fair settlement.

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