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What is a Public Adjuster?

A Public Adjuster is a professional insurance adjuster, who is licensed and certified by the Department of Financial Services to work exclusively for the benefit of the policyholder. We prepare, present, and negotiate property claims on your behalf to your insurance company.

What is the difference between a Public Adjuster and insurance company adjuster?

The insurance company adjuster is employed by the insurance company to settle claims while protecting their own interests. A Public Adjuster works exclusively for you, the policyholder. We are authorities in assessing true and total damage, as well as reading the fine print and understanding your policy, coverage, and the insurance company responsibilities in order to negotiate a better settlement.

Why do I need my own adjuster?

Your insurance company will send their own adjuster or utilize the services of a sub-contracted claims adjuster to represent their interests. These adjusters are skilled professionals that will investigate and calculate your loss. We know from the beginning, the insurance company wants to pay out as little as possible. These insurance adjusters are paid by the very same company that owes you a fair settlement.

How is a Public Adjuster compensated?

Public Adjusters at Gavnat and Associates work for a small percentage of your settlement, payable after you receive your settlement.

How does a Public Adjuster prepare a claim?

Public Adjusters are skilled negotiators, who will use services of appraisers, engineers, accountants, and other experts as needed. A Public Adjuster will meticulously go through all the evidence and document everything for you to get the most out of your settlement.

I Have Already Been Paid by My Insurance Company. They Have Closed Their File; Is It Too Late for a Public Adjuster’s Help?

Most likely not. In many cases, your insurance company allows up to five years to file a supplemental claim from the date of loss. If you do not believe you were paid enough and would like us to review your claim, please call us for a free claim audit. You will owe us nothing unless we will get you more money.

Will I get a higher settlement if I hire a Public Adjuster?

In 99% of the cases, yes. The more detailed and complete your claim, the higher the settlement. We go through all the evidence step by step, very carefully inspecting the loss site and compiling all the damage. Studies have clearly demonstrated that most inventories compiled by the insured entity without the help of a Public Adjuster are far less incomplete.

Who uses services of Public Adjusters?

Gavnat and Associates are hired by individuals, business, and professionals including attorneys, banks, accountants, business owners, and even insurance adjusters and agents for their own losses. Once a person has experienced the benefits of our services, they will rarely attempt to settle a claim without our help.

Will my insurance company cancel my contract if I hire a Public Adjuster?

No. The Public Adjusting profession is mandated by the Legislature and regulated by the Department of Insurance. It would be a serious violation of any insurance company to discriminate against you in any way for exercising a right given to you by the State Legislature.

How do I know if I need your services?

A consultation is free and without obligation. Please feel free to call us and set up an appointment to discuss your claim.

What is the process of involving Gavnat and Associates?

Once you contact us, we send a representative to assess the total damage to your property. Losses caused to commercial property also impact the operation of your business and earnings, and we take those additional losses into account.

Once there is an assessment, we review your insurance policy. The key element to this step is the Declarations page of your policy. This helps determine all applicable coverage. We then prepare a claim report on structural damage and a physical property inventory. We also take into account and document any additional living expenses, loss of rent, and business income claims as per your insurance policy coverage. The total claim estimates are then forwarded to your insurance company for evaluation and adjustment.

As public adjusters, we stay in contact with your insurance company to ensure that your claim is adjusted fairly and equitably, and results in an acceptable settlement to you. We have the best advocates and loss experts to support your claim and negotiate to ultimately win the maximum claim amount for you. We will keep you informed of all ongoing settlement efforts.

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