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When your business sustains damage due to a fire, flood, freak accident, or anything in-between, the recovery can be daunting and time consuming. Especially if the damage impacts your ability to operate and earn revenue.

Gavnat’s experienced commercial claims adjusters work with you to manage the complicated steps of filing a claim and calculating what your business would have earned had a loss not occurred. We review your financial data and navigate the complexities for you, so you can get back on track and make a strong recovery.
We can help at any point. Whether you need to file a new claim or your claim was denied. Our experts help you accurately evaluate your loss and they work through all the required steps to go after the compensation you have a right to.

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We understand that it’s crucial for your business to have as little downtime as possible. And when every penny counts, accepting a settlement that’s less than what you’re entitled to isn’t an option. Our claims adjusters use proven negotiation strategies and their insurance expertise to help you get fair compensation. Don’t settle for anything less than what you deserve.

Insurance Adjusting

Work with our claims adjusters to expertly manage the process so you can focus on getting your business back up and running.

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Expert Testimony

If you have a claim that goes to court, we can advise your legal counsel or testify as an expert witness. Our team puts their years of experience to work for you to help effectively state your case and recover an appropriate settlement.

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Insurance Appraisals

Gavnat helps policyholders come to an agreement with insurance companies when there’s a claims dispute. We assist you through an appraisal or mediation process and help you understand your options while working on your behalf to get a fair settlement.

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Benefits of a PA for Commercial and Industrial Insurance Claims

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