Appraisals & Mediation

Many policyholders feel that they are forced to take whatever settlement the insurance company decides on, whether or not the policyholder agrees with the amount. Luckily, that is not the case. Though insurance companies rarely make it known that policyholders have a right to dispute said amount, that right still exists, and we’re here to help you exercise it. Gavnat and Associates’ appraisals for claim disputes in Minneapolis, Fargo, St. Louis, and across the Midwest give you the advocate you need to get the settlement you are entitled to.

Appraisals and mediation are two different avenues through which a policyholder can dispute the settlement amount offered. Appraisals involve invoking a specific clause within your policy, which does not exist in all policies, and mediation is sitting down with representatives of both interested parties and working out an agreement that both can live with. At Gavnat and Associates, we can provide you with information about all of your options and help you choose the course of action that is right for you.

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Property Insurance Appraisals

The appraisal clause, which is built into most property insurance policies, is designed to give both the policyholder and the insurance company a way to determine a fair and unbiased settlement amount if the original amount cannot be agreed upon. In these clauses, it is stated that either party can request an appraisal and that both parties are required to provide an appraiser. The appraisers will then select an impartial “Umpire” who will operate as the mediator if the appraisers cannot reach an agreement. Together, these three will decide on the final amount of the settlement. The team at Gavnat and Associates can act as an appraiser for your case to appropriately evaluate the damage that your property has sustained and assign a fair settlement to reconcile those damages.

Property Claim Mediation

In cases where there is no appraisal clause to be enacted, or if the policyholder would like to reduce the cost of dispute resolution, many policies have mediation provisions. These provisions do not outline a binding agreement but can sometimes offer a cost-effective way to settle your dispute. At Gavnat and Associates, we can help you navigate the mediation process so that you receive the outcome that you are entitled to.

In some states an attorney needs to be involved in the mediation process. Contact us today to ask about your specific claim, and if we are unable to assist you we will provide you with information and other resources to find a resolution that follows your state’s guidelines.

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