Types of Insurance Claims

Type of Insurance Claims

Our job is to maximize the claim payment for our clients and make the entire process hassle free. The kinds of insurance claims that we handle include new claims, pending claims, previously denied claims, and claims that may be able to be reopened.

Do You Need to File a New Claim?
The public insurance adjusters at Gavnat and Associates provide valuable assistance when you need to file a first-time property insurance claim. If you contact us before sending the claim application to your insurance company, we can not only prevent common mistakes but also offer significant assistance in documenting your insurance claim for maximum benefit. The Gavnat team helps avoid complication and prevent delays in the claims process.

Do You Have a Pending Claim?
If you have already been paid or received an offer for a portion of your insurance claim, Gavnat and Associates can step in to maximize your settlement.  We offer FREE claim evaluation and get paid only if we discover areas of underpayment and/or items that were left out of your original insurance settlement.  As public adjusters, we then re-document and cross-reference every aspect of your loss and check for elements not originally included or not properly reimbursed. Our team will maximize the total you receive from the insurance company.

Were You Not Adequately Compensated from a Prior Claim?
Legally, you may be able to reopen a claim in which you were not adequately compensated.  We are familiar with these laws, and will use them to your benefit.  We find areas of underpayment and/or items that may have been left out of your insurance settlement.  The statute of limitations for reopening a claim varies by state – give us a call to check on your state’s deadline.

Was Your Claim Denied?
A claim denial is not the last word. Let our expert team review your claim and denial. Our experience is that an initial denial can still lead to a settlement.

We have a strong team of loss experts, engineers, contractors, geologists and attorneys who will reassess your losses and look into all documents that were prepared and submitted for your claim.  Our team leaves no stone unturned to get you the settlement you rightfully deserve.  Whenever a disaster or calamity strikes, our first priority is to use our experience and expertise to ensure maximum financial recovery.

Let Gavnat and Associates File Your Claims
The Gavnat team knows the trauma property damage can cause.  Jumping through the hoops of a lengthy and tedious claims process adds insult to injury.  That’s why we offer you all the support as public adjusters – working exclusively in your favor.  What is the process of involving Gavnat and Associates?  Once you contact us, we send a representative to assess the total damage to your property.  Losses caused to commercial property also impact the operation of your business and earnings, and we take those additional losses into account.

Once there is an assessment, we review your insurance policy.  The key element to this step is the Declarations page of your policy.  This helps determine all applicable coverage.  We then prepare a claim report on structural damage and a physical property inventory on our claim forms.  We also take into account and document any additional living expenses, loss of rent, and business income claims as per your insurance policy coverage.  The total claim estimates are then forwarded to your insurance company for evaluation and adjustment.

As public adjusters, we stay in contact with your insurance company to ensure that your claim is adjusted fairly and equitably, and results in an acceptable settlement to you.  We have the best advocates and loss experts to support your claim, and negotiate to ultimately win the maximum claim amount for you.  We will keep you informed of all ongoing settlement efforts.

We offer free claims advice, evaluations and audits.  Want to know more about how we can help you? Have other questions?

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