Insurance Expert Witness Services

At Gavnat and Associates, our mission is to help you no matter where you are in the claims process, and that includes when your claim goes to litigation.  Our public insurance adjusters can also serve as expert witnesses for those who need an industry authority to advise their legal counsel or to testify if your dispute has escalated into the courtroom.

Gavnat and Associates’ property insurance expert testimony services help Minneapolis property owners — and those located throughout the Midwest — to effectively state their case in order to recover an appropriate settlement. Our team can take convoluted, technical aspects of your case and provide clarity for all parties, including judges and juries. With our years of experience working with property damage claims of all types, there are very few situations that we haven’t previously encountered, giving us a solid foundation to help inform our testimony beyond the details of your particular claim.

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Experience You Can Rely On

As public insurance adjusters, the professionals at Gavnat and Associates have extensive experience with the insurance claims process. Each of our adjusters is licensed and has the same training as adjusters working within the insurance company, in fact most of our Public Insurance Adjusters have worked for an insurance company at some point in their careers. This, in combination with our knowledge concerning property damage, ensures that our clients have access to the subject matter experts that can make a difference in their case. Don’t let the insurance company’s team stand in the way of the settlement you deserve. Let Gavnat and Associates’ experience get to work for you today.

For Legal Professionals

If you’re representing a client in a property claim dispute, our team has experience handling cases of all types. Whether you need a subject matter authority to inform your strategy, or you’d like a professional on the stand, Gavnat and Associates are here to help make your case for your client. Contact us today to learn more about what we can do for you.

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