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As an insurance policyholder, dealing with the aftermath of a disaster can be extremely daunting. Not only do you have to process a potentially traumatizing event, but you also have to go about making your home or business functional again. From repairing broken windows due to a hailstorm to rebuilding after a fire, you’ve got plenty on your mind. You need someone in your corner who is going to fight for your best interest, each and every time.

Gavnat and Associates’ experienced insurance claims adjusters in Minneapolis, Des Moines, Milwaukee, and all over the Midwest are here to put you and your needs first, always. We evaluate the damages, calculate the compensation that you should receive, and negotiate to get you the highest settlement possible — which is often more than you would be able to recover on your own. Even the savviest policyholders are missing one key element to success with the insurance company: our licenses. Each Gavnat and Associates insurance claims adjuster is licensed with the same credentials that insurance company adjusters are, leaving no discrepancy in information or training. The only difference between our professionals and those at the insurance company is that we advocate for you, not the insurance company.

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Whether you’ve already contacted your insurance company, have had your claim denied, or have yet to take the first step in dealing with your damages, the insurance claim adjusters at Gavnat and Associates can help. Our mission is to make the claims process as painless as possible and get you the settlement you deserve. Our unparalleled expertise can be utilized at any stage in the process, so it’s never too late. Don’t let the insurance company decide what’s best for you. Get the compensation you’re entitled to with Gavnat and Associates.

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