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Guiding You Through the Complexities of Claim Recovery

We understand that the world of insurance adjusters and claim recovery can be confusing. If you want to know more about how our insurance adjusters work, read our step by step guide to the Gavnat and Associates process.

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Home Owners Claims

Gavnat and Associates are the insurance adjuster’s homeowners can trust to make what can be a very difficult process as easy and hassle-free as possible. Whether it’s a burst pipe or wind & hail damage, a call to the professionals at Gavnat can get you the settlement you’re entitled to!

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Commercial Claims

You have insurance on your business for a reason. The adjusters at Gavnat and Associates will ensure that you are protected to the fullest extent of your policy.

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Condominium Claims

Working through property damage claims as a management company or condominium association can be a lengthy and confusing process. Let the professionals at Gavnat and Associates help all parties involved get the resolution they are entitled to!

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Step 1 Assessing Your Loss:

Once you contact us, we send a representative to assess the total damage to your property. Losses caused to commercial property also impact the operation of your business and earnings, and we take those additional losses into account.

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Step 2 Filing a New Claim:

Gavnat and Associates provides valuable assistance when you need to file a property insurance claim. If you contact us before filing a claim with your insurance company, we can not only prevent common mistakes but also offer significant assistance in documenting your insurance claim for maximum benefit. The Gavnat and Associates team helps avoid complication and prevent delays in the claims process.

If you have already filed a claim, don’t worry. We will still be able to assist you. The claims process can often be overwhelming, so if you feel like you may have been improperly denied coverage, were not treated fairly during the claims process, or were given an offer that does not feel adequate, allow us to come out and assess the situation. We’ll get the ball rolling towards a fair and complete settlement.

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Step 3 Reviewing Your Insurance Policy:

Once there is an assessment, we review your insurance policy. The key element to this step is the Declarations page of your policy. This helps determine all applicable coverage.

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Step 4 Preparing your Claim Report:

After we complete our assessments, we then prepare a claim report on structural damage and a physical property inventory on our claim forms. We also take into account and document any additional living expenses, loss of rent, and income claims as per your insurance policy coverage. The total claim estimates are then forwarded to your insurance company for evaluation and adjustment.

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Step 5 Negotiating Your Settlement:

As public adjusters, we stay in contact with your insurance company to ensure that your claim is adjusted fairly and equitably, and results in an acceptable settlement to you. Our advocates and loss experts will support and negotiate your claim in an effort to achieve the maximum settlement available and will keep you informed of all ongoing efforts during our process.

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Step 6 Maximizing Your Settlement:

If you have been paid or received an offer for a portion of your insurance claim, we can help you maximize your settlement. We offer a FREE claim evaluation and get paid only if we discover areas of underpayment and/or items that were left out of your original insurance settlement. As public adjusters, we then re-document and cross-reference every aspect of your loss and check for elements not originally included or not properly reimbursed. Our team will maximize the total you receive from the insurance company.

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