Handy Guide For Storm Damage Insurance Claims

Handy Guide For Storm Damage Insurance Claims!

An insurance claim for storm damage can wear you out — dealing with the insurance company, insurance adjusters and contractors is complicated and time consuming. To help you navigate the process and handle the insurance claim process a little more smoothly from start to finish, here are a few tips to help.

Look for damages on the immediately after the storm:

You should look for damage immediately after the storm. Depending on the severity of the damage, you may want to have repairs done on your own or opt to file an insurance claim. If you’re going to make a claim, do so quickly. Some insurance policy clauses specify the period you can wait before filing a claim and still have the damage covered. It may happen that the insurance company refuses to honor the insurance policy on grounds that the claim was filed after the specified time period.

Take pictures related to the storm damage:

Obviously, it’s a good idea to document how the storm damaged your property. Take photos of everything damaged with date and time stamps, and/or use a drone to get pictures. These photos can be used as visual evidence of what happened to the property as a result of the storm. Keep copies of any correspondence with your insurance company and adjusters.

Read the fine print in the insurance policy:

Review a current copy of your insurance policy to be aware of the basic tenets listed. Always read the fine print, so that you are not caught unaware regarding the insurance coverage. As you submit your claim, the insurance adjuster will inspect the damaged areas and come to a conclusion that determines the exact cost of the repairs that need to be undertaken.

Consider hiring a public adjuster with storm expertise:

Most policyholders don’t know what a public adjuster does, and they assume their insurance company adjuster is working on their behalf, which isn’t always the reality.

Public insurance adjusters work for the insured not the insurance company. Also known as insurance claims adjusters or property claims adjusters, public insurance adjusters are state licensed and certified to work exclusively for the policy holder’s benefit to assess damage to buildings, estimate renovation costs, and work with the insurance company to expedite the claim settlement process.

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