Know The Right Time To Call Your Insurance Company To Make An Insurance Claim

Know The Right Time To Call Your Insurance Company To Make An Insurance Claim

It’s all a matter of timing! It’s best if you contact your insurance company soon after the storm damages your house. Most insurance companies stipulate that an insurance claim must be filed within a specific time period after a storm. The thought process here is that the sooner you file the claim, the sooner work can start to fix your home.

First, you may try to avoid the heavy cost incurred due to the storm. It can seem to be an enormous task to rebuild the house after a storm devastated it. Insurance companies expect you to avoid losses incurred by utilizing the resources available to you such as conducting roof repairs and bringing a water-logged basement to normal levels all by yourself. Remediation work might also include putting a tarp over your roof. The insurance company will typically reimburse the work you undertake yourself.

A major safety reminder for your house is to turn off the power in case of flooding.

Document every little thing and take as many photographs as you can to have visual examples of the damages. Take an inventory of all damaged items so you can document them and estimate their worth.

In case your insurance claim is large, with figures reaching anywhere near $100,000, it is highly recommended to contact a Public Insurance Adjuster first.

The first few days after your house was wrecked by a storm can be rather stressful. Consider hiring a Public Insurance Adjuster who will shoulder the responsibility for you– from assessing damages and filing a claim to liasoning with the insurance company for maximum reimbursement of damages.

The Public Insurance Adjuster will be right by your side when you file the claim. At times, the PA may walk you through the entire claim process and help you draft the claim with an eye on securing the maximum settlement.